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SwingBak 2.0 w/ Vibration

SwingBak 2.0 w/ Vibration

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SwingBak 2.0 - with removable & rechargeable vibration. 

Enhance your recovery with the SwingBak 2.0! The removable vibration core enhances myofascial release, circulation, and pain control. 

The patented SwingBak Foam Roller was designed by a chiropractor with over 27 years of clinical experience. SwingBak’s patented design provides 3 distinct therapeutic surfaces that provide advantages not available in the current marketplace.

1) “Bone-Zone” void enhances mobility and range of motion. This is the center area void of protrusions allowing for spinal and other bone health. 

2) Elevated protrusions enhance recovery. These provide pinpoint pressure to “knots” improving blood flow resulting in improved function and health of soft tissue 

3) Raised endcap provides a “linear therapy”. 

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