SwingBak Success Stories

How SwingBak Changed the Lives of These Amazing People

(And How It Can Change Yours Too!)

Discover how SwingBak has helped people from all walks of life overcome their challenges.

There’s nothing like rolling on a SwingBak roller to make you feel good. It’s like having a personal massage therapist at your fingertips.
But don’t just take our word for it.
Read what our customers have to say about their SwingBak experiences.
From specialist doctors and to professional athletes and sports coaches, you’ll find testimonials of how SwingBak has helped them (and their patients) with pain, posture, stress, and more.
You’ll be amazed by their stories and inspired by their results.
And who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next one to share your SwingBak testimonial with us!

These are what the pros are saying about our foam rollers:

  • This is the best foam roller out there, hands down. I use it every day. Kevin Millar 2004 World Series Champion, Boston Red Sox

    Kevin Millar

    World Series Champion
  • I've been in a lot of training rooms as a collegiate and professional athlete and have never seen a tool that can help locate the sore muscle spots and eliminate them so easily. 5 minutes on the SwingBak will change the way you want to treat your body as an athlete.

    Josh Booty

    Retired NFL & MLB player
  • Man, I just love how the SwingBak helps me get mobility in my hips and midback. These areas are so vital to a good golf swing and most importantly for healthy posture. The SwingBak patented design nailed it!

    Rich Beem

    PGA Champion
  • I am a physician and have chronic pain including neck pain and headaches. I have tried multiple home therapies to help my symptoms, the design of the SwingBak foam roller is perfect for my neck with the “bone-zone” fitting exactly where I want it to apply the right pressure and for pain relief!

    Yogini Prajapiti

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