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Yes! As a chiropractor, posture is of utmost importance to me. The design and shape of SwingBak is aimed at spinal health. The patented “Bone-Zone '' allows you to recover and improve the function of the 3 distinct spinal curves in the neck (cervical), mid back (thoracic) and lower back (lumbar). Bad posture causes one curve, which creates significant stress on the joints, ligaments and muscles, not only in the spine but the entire body!
Great question! The 3 distinct surfaces are known as: 1) Bone-Zone 2) Alternating knobs or protrusions 3) End cap.

“Bone-Zone” is the center area void of protrusions, allowing for spinal and other bone health. It is an elevated protrusion that provides pinpoint pressure to “knots,” improves blood flow and improves soft tissue's function and health.
Vibration is amazing! If you have not tried it, I highly suggest that you do. Vibration has been shown to provide the following benefits in addition to others:

- increase bone density.
- increase muscle mass.
- improve circulation.
- reduce joint pain.
- reduce back pain.
- alleviate stress.
SwingBak comes in 2 densities:

A) Blue - This one is softer and is recommended for people of slighter build and women over the age of 45 who are not able to tolerate deeper tissue-type massages. I recommend weight below 150. I personally am 5’10, 170# and work out regularly. I am able to tolerate the blue on my spine better but need the yellow for larger body parts such as the gluteal (buttocks), hamstrings, thigh, etc.
B) Yellow - This one is more dense and similar to a firm new tennis ball with some give. I recommend for people >150# or if you are able to tolerate deep massage therapy
If these symptoms have been determined to be of musculoskeletal cause (muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments), then SwingBak can be of significant help. Simply place your neck in the “Bone Zone” and apply acupressure to the base of the skull and muscles on each side of the neck. The patented design of this product is based on my experience and expertise in treating musculoskeletal pain, often causing headaches.
Yes, the battery is a rechargeable Li-Ion battery that plugs into the wall.

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