Enjoy Pain-Free Living with SwingBak

Revolutionize Your Recovery and Mobility

Chronic pain can cast a shadow over every aspect of your life, but at SwingBak, we're here to help you break free from its grip. 

Say goodbye to the limitations and discomfort that chronic pain imposes and welcome a brighter, more mobile future. SwingBak is your key to a pain-free life.

How SwingBak Helps with Chronic Pain, Posture, and Headaches

  • Chronic Pain Relief. SwingBak's patented design improves soft tissue and joint function, reducing pressure on painful trigger points. It improves blood flow necessary for healing, offering a unique approach to chronic pain management.

  • Posture Enhancement. By restoring the appropriate neck, thoracic, and lumbar curvature, SwingBak strengthens and mobilizes the spine, effectively reducing chronic spinal pain and¬†headaches.

  • Headache Relief. SwingBak targets headaches caused by soft tissue, poor posture, and stress. With regular use, you can experience a significant reduction in headache discomfort.

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Don't let chronic pain control your life any longer. SwingBak is your partner in the journey to a pain-free, active lifestyle. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to a brighter, more mobile future.

Our SwingBak roller is a revolutionary solution that offers soft tissue mobilization and trigger point relief. 

Imagine regaining control of your range of motion and flexibility, allowing you to live life to the fullest. We recommend incorporating SwingBak into your daily routine, both before and after your favorite sporting activities or workout.

Lumbar Spine
(lower back)

Start at your pelvis and work your way up towards your neck. Discover tight areas and apply direct downward pressure. Hold each region for 30 seconds, and repeat if needed.

Thoracic Spine

The mid-back area is crucial for your body's rotation. Apply SwingBak just as you would with the lower back. Take deep breaths and let your body weight sink into the roller for maximum relief.

(hip & buttock)

Your gluteal muscles are essential for a strong foundation and power. Apply downward pressure on the hip and buttock muscles. For deeper relief, cross your leg and press firmly.

Cervical Spine

Saddle the "bone-zone‚ĄĘ" into the curve of your neck, push your chin backward, and gently roll back and forth. Turn your head slightly to target specific neck muscles if needed.

Calves & Shins

Place the SwingBak directly over your calves and roll gently across the entire muscle. For added pressure, use your other leg to push downward or utilize the end cap for pinpoint relief.

SwingBak is available now for just $149.95

featuring a removable 4-speed vibration option. Choose between two distinct densities, soft and firm, and select from our exciting color options - Yellow for regular and electric blue for soft. 

Discover SwingBak today - your partner in achieving a pain-free, active lifestyle. SwingBak isn't just a roller; it's three therapeutic devices in one tool!