Introducing the first-ever foam roller

Used to treat sport injuries and chronic pain.

About Our Founder and Inventor

In 2012, Dr. Mike Bhatt, DC, Cert. MDT, TPI-MP2, CCRD committed himself to developing a superior line of rehabilitation products based on his 30+ years of experience in the health care field. His vision was to design self-treatment tools that would mimic his hands-on approach to musculoskeletal health and care. He created SwingBak and SwingBak Equine to aid in self-care and home management. We at SwingBak are committed to a line of products better designed and of superior quality that helps to keep on keepin’ that swing in your step.

Dr. Bhatt has been practicing in Austin, Texas since 1993.

His training includes the Veteran's Medical Center in Houston, Texas, with their orthopedic surgery department. He was an instrumental part of the team of Doctors that introduced the first multidisciplinary spine clinic in Central Texas.  In 2006, he started a clinic focusing on sports-related injuries.  Currently, a level 2 medical provider for the Titleist Performance Institute, Dr. Bhatt is one of a select few rotating doctors for the PGA and travels to multiple events per year to treat the players and caddies.  The PGA medical trailer is equipped with the SwingBak Roller, which the players regularly pre- and post-round use.

Our mission

Looking for an alternative treatment for sports and everyday injuries that could even relief headaches and chronic pain?

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