foam rolling for Athletes & chronic pain sufferers

Treat sports and everyday injuries at home!

A hands-on approach to musculoskeletal health and care.

In 2012, Dr. Mike Bhatt, DC, Cert. MDT, TPI-MP2, CCRD committed himself to developing a superior line of rehabilitation products based on his 30+ years of experience in the health care field. His vision was to design self-treatment tools that would mimic his hands-on approach to musculoskeletal health and care.

A revolution in foam rolling

With so many options of foam rollers, why choose the SwingBak?

Patented design invented by a chiropractor with 28 years of clinical experience.

3 distinct therapeutic surfaces, 2 densities.  Available with rechargeable and removable 4-speed variable vibration. (Vibration further improves circulation to injured tissues and provides pain relief. Vibration has also been shown to help bone density.)

Patented spine and bone saving  “bone zone”

Used in gyms and doctors offices daily for pain management

Relief of chronic headaches neck and back pain

Elevated protrusions for trigger point relief.

Original SwingBak


Ideal for people below 170 lbs or can handle light to medium massage pressure

Original SwingBak  (FIRM)

Firm density for people above 170# that can handle firm to very firm massage pressure.


  • This is the best foam roller out there, hands down. I use it every day. Kevin Millar 2004 World Series Champion, Boston Red Sox

    Kevin Millar

    World Series Champion
  • I've been in a lot of training rooms as a collegiate and professional athlete and have never seen a tool that can help locate the sore muscle spots and eliminate them so easily. 5 minutes on the SwingBak will change the way you want to treat your body as an athlete.

    Josh Booty

    Retired NFL & MLB player
  • Man, I just love how the SwingBak helps me get mobility in my hips and midback. These areas are so vital to a good golf swing and most importantly for healthy posture. The SwingBak patented design nailed it!

    Rich Beem

    PGA Champion

These are what the pros are saying about our foam rollers:

Looking for an alternative treatment for sports and everyday injuries that could even heal headaches and chronic pain?

Try the SwingBak.